Electrical energy

UAB IMLITEX is an independent electricity supplier, a member of the Nord Pool Electricity Exchange, which operates wholesale and retail trade in electricity and provides a balancing service. We are the strategic partners of the largest Swedish power producer “Vattenfall“ for the Baltics. Our clients obtain not only rational solutions, competitive pricing, but also stability. We also supply "green" electricity from renewable energy sources.
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Natural Gas

We are the largest privately owned independent gas supplier in Lithuania. Our customers can obtain "3 in 1" service, including purveyance, distribution and transfer of natural gas in one contract.
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Biofuels is an indispensable energy source in the 21st century. It is hard to imagine daily life without it in household and industrial entities. High quality wood pellets, briquettes are delivered to households and industrial enterprises. We sell industrial energy chips, technical rapeseed oil, and other fuels made from biomass.
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Fossil Fuels

The dominant fuel in the global energy industry is fossil fuels. We provide business partners with peat briquettes, coal, fuel oil, diesel, automobile gas. We are open to discussions about joint projects.